Superman and a smoothie

Last night the bf and I went to dinner and a movie. Classic date right? We hardly ever go to the movies so this was pretty fun. We had plans to see World War Z (hello Brad Pitt) but it was sold out. So we saw Superman instead. It was GREAT. And I’m not just saying that because Henry Cavill is a hunky man of steel. 😉


I’m headed back home to Tampa for the summer today. I am excited to be with my familia. And most of my friends are already back there so I’m happy about that.

I spent my morning packing everything up. It was ridiculously hot outside and so a smoothie sounded like the perfect breakfast!

Peanut butter mocha smoothie
– 1 large frozen banana
– scoop of chocolate protein powder
– teaspoon of dark cocoa powder
– handful of oats
-1 packet of instant coffee
– Large spoonful of peanut butter
– enough milk to get it moving

Nutritional and filling!


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