So many men and green juice

Confession: I love the bachelorette. Why is it so entertaining to watch men make fools of themselves for one girl? When they cry I loose it. So dramatic.  Desiree is my new favorite bachelorette and tonight I finally picked my favorite men.

1) Chris



2. ) Zac W



3.) I dont have a number 3 yet. Brooks is okay but i get a girly vibe from him.. I also like Drew and Kasey but we will see 🙂

Okay lets back up a couple hours. I went to the gym and did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then took a 60 min yoga class. It felt great. One of my goals this summer is to do more yoga. I love the challenge of a new position and getting more flexible. Wooooo yoga!

Came home and ate a quick pasta dinner alongside a naked juice.



Truth- I still haven’t QUITE hopped on board with the whole drink your veggies, green monster, looks gross tastes great thing. I can’t look at it while I drink it or else I get grossed out. However there is no denying that this stuff  it is pretty darn tasty, and the fact that I am getting that many veggies in my system is more than enough for me to push through the nasty color 😉 Not too bad not too bad at all.




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