Why I love mornings

Mornings rock. Whenever I get my butt up for an early morning start my day always is way better. I am more productive, and I always feel like in the early mornings I am really able to stop and appreciate Gods creation 🙂

I started my day with a run. I wanted to get it done with before it got too hot outside. Don’t worry I still came home a red faced monster. 1.5 miles done and followed by 10 minutes if abs.

After a cold shower I had breakfast. Bagel, fruit, and iced coffee that I saved in the fridge from yesterday’s Starbucks run.


A friend who is just as obsessed with Starbucks iced coffee as I am gave me that trick and it is the coolest most genius thing ever. Take your iced coffee and strain the ice out before it gets watered down. Then you’ve got it for the following morning when you don’t have time to go to Starbucks 🙂 genius I tell you.

I went to babysit this morning, and went on a nice long walk with the cutie.


We sang “Bingo” for 45 minutes straight.


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