The zoo and avocado pasta

On Wednesday I went to the zoo with 2 of my friends and the little kids they are nannying this summer. Aside from it being insanely hot, it was a blast. Those kids were absolutely adorable. We saw a baby hippo. It was great.

I made a spur of the moment quick trip back up to Orlando Wednesday night-Thursday morning. I had to pick something up and got to see some friends and go to Andy’s frisbee game! Horror story: I picked up Panera to-go for dinner (Fuji Apple Salad) to eat while watching the game. 2 seconds after I sat down, some brute running to catch a friz stepped on it and smashed my bag with everything in it 😦 The plastic fork was completely shattered. I was able to salvage the salad and ended up eating my salad with the knife. No shame my friends.

Today for lunch I made this delicious pasta recipe. I added back in some of the pasta water while blending because the sauce was a little thick. I also topped it with a little parmesan. It was so yummy, refreshing, and a perfect lunch.



My dad’s birthday was on Tuesday (Happy Birthday Daddy! :))) but he has been gone on a business trip all week. So tonight when he gets home we are surprising him with a little party. (I love surprises.)

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