Starbucks as a bribe and a great sale

Welp. Vacation over. It was sad coming back home. Ill post a bunch if pictures later today. It was a blast. And dare I say I got a decent tan? It’s a miracle.


After 10 days of barely any exercise (I made it out for 1 run on the beach) I was more than ready to get sweaty this morning. However after sleeping every morning for 10 days, waking up to a 7:30am alarm was not easy. The only way I convinced myself to roll out of bed was by having this conversation in my head: “Jenna get your butt out of bed. Now. Now. Okay fine just go back to sleep. You can work out later. No! You know you will feel so great once your up and finish your workout. No! Okay fine Jenna, if you go to the gym now you can get Starbucks afterwards. Okay!”

I know, I know. I’m a psycho.

So me and my sister went and took an 8am spin class. After a whole month if no spin, I got be butt kicked! (In a good way.) It felt great.

Ran by Sbucks to grab some coffee, and came home to eat a fast breakfast.

1 whole egg and 1 egg white scrambled with spinach and a plum on the side.

After a shower, I got ready for a day if shopping. This girl is my mall sidekick. Look out Nordstrom and VS. Here we come.


I got some jewelry, a fossil ID wallet (I prefer this to a full wallet during school,) a cute winter sweated I found on sale, and a new purse! I have been needing a new one soooooo badly. I found this on sale for $30 at Nordstrom. Usually 60. Yay for a sweet deal! Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale so go hit that up! PS I love the cheetah print inside.



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