Back to school!

It’s a new school year!!! Andy, Mere and I all had class at the same time this morning. I made Andy take this picture. “First day of school! First day of school!”


I had an AMAZING class! My Literature for Children class. We have to read a ton if books but I love reading so I’m so excited 😀

I came home and had a lunch of salad and apple and peanut butter. That did nothing to fill me up so I had a bagel too.

I had an audition for the chorus at school and it went great! I haven’t sung (chorally) in 2 years so it was good to know I still can 😉 I can’t wait to start singing again!!!

I’m just getting home from a spin class. It was with a new girl teaching it. I didn’t love her music but still got a killer workout. Sweat in the eyeballs people.


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