Hi!!!! First of all, I am writing this having just finally started my own blog and having ZERO readers.. so if you are reading this please comment and let me know because it will definitely make my whole day 🙂


My name is Jenna. I like lists so here is one that will tell you a little bit about who I am:

  • I LOVE JESUS! I am a Christian and am so thankful to be able to have a relationship with Christ. This is number one in my list about me because above everything, my identity is in Him 🙂
  • I am really really good at making ugly faces. This makes me awesome at photo bombing.
  • My greatest passion is children. (Hence the reason I am studying to become an elementary school teacher… obvi not doing it for the moola $$$$$)
  • I discover exercise when I left for college. What a magical thing it is.
  • I spend way to much money at Starbucks.
  • I like to know what people’s orders are… Examples include your order at Starbucks, or Chipotle. And no, not just people I know. I always try to listen to the people in front of me in line.
  • I am really really nosy. (See above bullet point for proof.)
  • I am constantly singing. Usually at inappropriate times such as in class or in the grocery store (Andy really loves when I do that.)
  • Andy is my boyfriend of 4 years. He is pretty awesome ❤
  • When asked what my favorite food is, the answer has and forever will be ice cream.
  • I am addicted to Chapstick. Really, I cant go an hour without NEEDING it.

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