Oh Panera

I could eat Panera every day of my life.

Chopped chicken Cobb salad. Delicioso!

We have a cat in our apartment. She is my little snuggle bug princess.
We got her when she was a kitten a year ago and now she is all grown up. Her birthday is soon. I’m planning on baking a cake for her. Too bad she can’t eat it….(evil plan) 🙂

Love this precious thing!

2 mile run yesterday afternoon, and 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by some strength circuits this morning before class. Love starting the day off with a good sweat!


My identity

Coming back to school there is always a big hype about what “group” you are going to belong to. Without going into specifics, I see girls lives revolve around what “group” will accept them, what group their future best friends will be in, etc. this becomes their identity. They ARE this “group.” I think this happens a lot in life.

We tend to identify ourselves with who our friends are, what our career will be, how we look, what organization we belong to, what our talent is, etc. A good way to think about this is to consider what your initial response is when someone asks you to describe yourself. Example. I am a college student studying to be a teacher, I am close with my family, I have a serious boyfriend, I like to sing, read, and workout. Do those things determine who I am? No. I am a daughter of the KING! My identity is in Christ. Not in what clothes I pick out to wear tomorrow. Not in what chorus I get placed in. Not in my relationships. Not in the miles I run. Not in what job I will have one day. Those things are worldly and fleeting. I want people to look at me and KNOW that i am different. I am defined by God’s grace and love. My identity is in him.

It is okay to want to look good. It is okay to spend time on studies. It is okay to hang out with friends. But in everything I do, I want to be doing in God’s name. I want to sing because it is the gift he blessed me with. I want to spend time with friends who will see him through the way I act and the things I say.

Just a thought that I want to start the new semester off with!! XO

Back to school!

It’s a new school year!!! Andy, Mere and I all had class at the same time this morning. I made Andy take this picture. “First day of school! First day of school!”


I had an AMAZING class! My Literature for Children class. We have to read a ton if books but I love reading so I’m so excited 😀

I came home and had a lunch of salad and apple and peanut butter. That did nothing to fill me up so I had a bagel too.

I had an audition for the chorus at school and it went great! I haven’t sung (chorally) in 2 years so it was good to know I still can 😉 I can’t wait to start singing again!!!

I’m just getting home from a spin class. It was with a new girl teaching it. I didn’t love her music but still got a killer workout. Sweat in the eyeballs people.

Running with Maggie

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been just summering it up over here. Here are some pics of my past few weeks!






I took Maggie on her first run!


Man girl is fast!! She seriously makes the BEST running partner. She made it so much enjoyable for me just by seeing how much she was lovin life!


My pace was faster than usual with her, but we did have to stop a few times when she saw lizards. (ADD dog)

Ill be heading back to Orlando in 3 days!! Eeeepp!! I’m excited. Can I take Maggie with me? I’m gonna miss my new running buddy :/

But Im so ready to get back to school. It’s been a pretty sweet summer.

So much excitement

Well some big things have happened in my life! First thing is…

I have officially decided to run my first half marathon!!!!

I will be running the Women’s Half Marathon in St Pete on November 24.

I am seriously so pumped and hope this excitement lasts throughout these next few months. I have never run father than 3.5 miles. Right now I can’t imagine being able to run longer than 39 mins so I can’t wait to start conquering those new distances!!!this is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally decided to (in the words of Nike) “just do it.”

Other exciting news is…..


Went to a shelter today, came home with this pretty girl. She is a 9 month old lab mix and was found on the streets. It feels so good to have rescued her and given her a forever home. She is so affectionate and sweet and fun!! And she loves her giraffe.

We are still working on a name. I am so happy. Too bad I leave in 3 weeks to go back to school. Oh well.

I hate the dentist.

I’m sitting in the waiting room. About to go back. Is it normal to hate the dentist this much? I actually like the dentist and hygienists, I just get real freaked out when they put things in my mouth. Wah.

So to distract myself from the torture about to occur, here are some things that have happened since my last post.

A dinner of whole wheat pasta, pesto, olive oil, a little parmesan, and spinach.


Brittney came over to watch the bachelorette last night. All I have to say is helllloooooo Juan Pablo. We’re they totally setting him up to be the next bachelor??? I still hope it’s Zak. Although I thought his song was pushing it, he breaks my heart and I think he is so cute. And what happens next week??? Does Dez not pick anyone??

Breakfast this morning was a smoothie. Frozen banana, natural unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter, spinach, oats, ice, and yogurt.

Yucky color but oh so yummy.