So much excitement

Well some big things have happened in my life! First thing is…

I have officially decided to run my first half marathon!!!!

I will be running the Women’s Half Marathon in St Pete on November 24.

I am seriously so pumped and hope this excitement lasts throughout these next few months. I have never run father than 3.5 miles. Right now I can’t imagine being able to run longer than 39 mins so I can’t wait to start conquering those new distances!!!this is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally decided to (in the words of Nike) “just do it.”

Other exciting news is…..


Went to a shelter today, came home with this pretty girl. She is a 9 month old lab mix and was found on the streets. It feels so good to have rescued her and given her a forever home. She is so affectionate and sweet and fun!! And she loves her giraffe.

We are still working on a name. I am so happy. Too bad I leave in 3 weeks to go back to school. Oh well.


I hate the dentist.

I’m sitting in the waiting room. About to go back. Is it normal to hate the dentist this much? I actually like the dentist and hygienists, I just get real freaked out when they put things in my mouth. Wah.

So to distract myself from the torture about to occur, here are some things that have happened since my last post.

A dinner of whole wheat pasta, pesto, olive oil, a little parmesan, and spinach.


Brittney came over to watch the bachelorette last night. All I have to say is helllloooooo Juan Pablo. We’re they totally setting him up to be the next bachelor??? I still hope it’s Zak. Although I thought his song was pushing it, he breaks my heart and I think he is so cute. And what happens next week??? Does Dez not pick anyone??

Breakfast this morning was a smoothie. Frozen banana, natural unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter, spinach, oats, ice, and yogurt.

Yucky color but oh so yummy.


Starbucks as a bribe and a great sale

Welp. Vacation over. It was sad coming back home. Ill post a bunch if pictures later today. It was a blast. And dare I say I got a decent tan? It’s a miracle.


After 10 days of barely any exercise (I made it out for 1 run on the beach) I was more than ready to get sweaty this morning. However after sleeping every morning for 10 days, waking up to a 7:30am alarm was not easy. The only way I convinced myself to roll out of bed was by having this conversation in my head: “Jenna get your butt out of bed. Now. Now. Okay fine just go back to sleep. You can work out later. No! You know you will feel so great once your up and finish your workout. No! Okay fine Jenna, if you go to the gym now you can get Starbucks afterwards. Okay!”

I know, I know. I’m a psycho.

So me and my sister went and took an 8am spin class. After a whole month if no spin, I got be butt kicked! (In a good way.) It felt great.

Ran by Sbucks to grab some coffee, and came home to eat a fast breakfast.

1 whole egg and 1 egg white scrambled with spinach and a plum on the side.

After a shower, I got ready for a day if shopping. This girl is my mall sidekick. Look out Nordstrom and VS. Here we come.


I got some jewelry, a fossil ID wallet (I prefer this to a full wallet during school,) a cute winter sweated I found on sale, and a new purse! I have been needing a new one soooooo badly. I found this on sale for $30 at Nordstrom. Usually 60. Yay for a sweet deal! Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale so go hit that up! PS I love the cheetah print inside.


Loose one gain one

The amount of love I have for the beach is out of control. This vacation is going by entirely too fast.

Spending the days out on the beach playing in the waves with my cousins. Gettin my tan on. Going out on the boat. It’s a blast. I love having my entire family in one place.

Bad news: Meredith left this morning.




Good news: Andy comes tomorrow!!!!:) I havent seen him since 4th of July. Oh and it’s my birthday. I’m not excited at all 😉

Beach trip and Oreo truffles

It’s that time of year! Basically what u look forward to all year round. BEACH TRIP!!!!!!


All the family on my moms side, grandparents, cousins, the whole shebang.

Another reason I love this vacation so much is probably because my birthday always falls while we are there!!! Wooooo 😀

(Packing involves alot of bathing suits)

Friends will be coming and going and it’s gonna be a blast.

I made Oreo truffles last night to fuel everyone during the unpacking that happens when we arrive. What, we are going to need our energy!;)


– 1 package of Oreos (I use classic but you can use whatever, golden, mint, etc)
– 1 8oz package cream cheese
-8oz Ghirardelli semi sweet baking chocolate

1. Crush Oreos into crumbs (food processor or in a bag with a rolling pin)
2. Combine with cream cheese. I just put it all I’m a bowl and mix with my hands. It’s messy but the easiest way in my opinion. And also it’s always fun playing with food. I’m a child.
3. Roll into small balls and place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
4. Put in freezer for 30 min.
5. Melt semi sweet chocolate. Dip Oreo balls in chocolate and place back on baking sheet. Sprinkle with extra Oreo crumbs or sprinkles.
6. Let sit on fridge for 30 more minutes to set.
7. Devour the rich chocolatey goodness (really these babies are rich!)

Weekend in pics

My sister came home from Europe! She went on a school trip. I’m not jealous at all…. Anyways, naturally we met her with obnoxious signs and cheers when she got off the plane. 20130708-072414.jpg

Candy she brought me back from Europe. It is actually form Prague and they are delicious and adorable. (Yes candy can be adorable.)





A trip to Mazaro’s Italian Market. It’s a huge indoors market with lots of fun goodies. Obviously I’m sharing the most important parts of the store aka the coffee bar and gelato. I got a Vanilla Cappuccino and it was the best one I have ever had.





My father was obviously inspired by the Italian Market, and decided to make homeade pasta for dinner. Way better than the boxed stuff I’m tellin you.

Also I taught Sunday School at church. (4-5 year olds.) I used to teach this class back in high school and I am doing it again while I am home for the summer. We learned about Noah and how he had to “believe in what God said!” (said in a very loud voice accompanied by hand motions 😉 I love going back to the basics when teaching these kids because even a lesson so simple that 4 year olds understand it is so true and can be applied in my life. We memorized Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” It is just really cool to be teaching these kids something that is so powerful! To them they are thinking about loving God and listening and believing him. To me, I think surrendering everything to him because he has the ultimate plan for my life! We just have to trust that he nows what he is doing and his way is way better than ours. I love teaching these kids!

Now I am up bright and early for a full day of babysitting (7-5.) Don’t worry I picked up Starbucks on the way over. I foresee lots of playdoh and bubbles today. 😉 Oh and Nick Jr off the ying yang. BTW its not blues clues and Big Comfy House (i know that s PBS) anymore. Its Yo Gabba Gabba and Bubble Guppies.#nannylife